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Communities in Action

The Call

What was the call?

The School of Social Work engages over 200 human service agencies to provide a substantial portion of its education to its students through opportunities for practice-based learning. Many of these agencies expressed a need for the School’s assistance in the coordination of community services to promote healthy child and youth development in an effort to improve academic achievement and child well-being and decrease child related problems like abuse and neglect, unstable housing, youth violence, and other negative outcomes including substance abuse, mental health, and risky sexual behavior; an interest to achieve deep community impact; an interest to examine and adopt evidence-based practice models in a strategic and coordinated way throughout the community.

What was our response?

At the School of Social Work, we looked to the best evidence we have for making a community impact on these important outcomes. The evidence on Communities That Care (CTC), demonstrating about a third reduction in CTC communities of youth initiating tobacco and alcohol use and about a 25% reduction in delinquency and violence initiation compared to controls and the extension of CTC to promoting child well-being and preventing problems like child abuse and neglect in Oregon, suggest the value of implementing CTC with fidelity in the community.

Communities in Action

Communities in Action is a collective impact project serving Southeast and Central Seattle based on the Communities That Care prevention system. It involves individuals coming together to bolster protective factors and reduce risk factors in order to promote healthy child development--leading to healthier families and communities. Learn more here.