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Communities in Action

Community Leaders and Members

Key Leaders

  • Pastor Carey G. Anderson, First African Methodist Episcopal Church
  • Peter Bloch Garcia, Latino Community Fund
  • Pastor Harvey Drake, Jr., Urban Impact
  • Dr. Donald Felder, Community Leader
  • Regina Glenn, Pacific Communications Consultants, Inc.
  • Natalie Green, Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
  • Bruce Harrell, Seattle City Council
  • Angelia Maxie, Tiny Tots Development Center
  • Judge LeRoy McCullough, King County Superior Court
  • Nate Miles, Community Leader
  • David Okimoto, Community Leader
  • Betty Patu, Seattle Public Schools
  • Rep. Eric Pettigrew, Washington State Legislature
  • Dan Satterberg, King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office
  • Judge J. Wesley Saint Clair, King County Superior Court
  • Edwina Uehara, University of Washington School of Social Work


Community Board Members

  • Shawn Armour, Compukidz Institute
  • Wendy Armour, Compukidz Institute
  • Dawn Bennett, McERA
  • Hazel Cameron, 4C Coalition
  • Trinese Clark, Community Member
  • Hereri Contreras, Coordinated Care
  • Adrian Z. Diaz, Seattle Police Department
  • Angela Griffin, Treehouse
  • Terry Hayes, City of Seattle – Human Services Department
  • Ted Howard, Garfield High School
  • Andrea LaFazia-Geraghty, Community Member
  • Leesa Manion, King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office
  • Yolonda Marzest, Community Member
  • Glenn McCray, Urban Impact
  • Aaron Parker, King County Superior Court - Juvenile Court Services
  • Helen Sikov, Healthcare Consultant
  • Marcus Stubblefield, King County Executive Office
  • Maggie Whicker, Community Member

Founding Members

  • Pamela Banks, Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle
  • Steve Bury, Urban Impact
  • Hazel Cameron, 4C Coalition
  • Edith Elion, Atlantic Street Center
  • Jaime Garcia, Consejo Counseling & Referral Services
  • Terry Hayes, City of Seattle – Human Services Department
  • Ted Howard, Garfield High School
  • Norman Johnson, Therapeutic Health Services