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Communities in Action

UW Team

Margaret L. Spearmon, PhD

Margaret ​is a senior lecturer and Chief Officer of Community Engagement and Diversity. Previously, Dr. Spearmon held the title of Associate Dean at the School of Social, University of Washington and co-founder of Inclusive Engagements, LLC.  In social work education, she has held both teaching and administrative positions at Case Western Reserve University, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Temple University, and the University of Washington.  Positions held include Director of Field Education, Director of the Bachelor of Arts Program, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Associate Dean of Professional Development and Community Partnerships.  Social Work Management Practice, Integrative Seminar, and Cultural Diversity are among the primary courses taught by Dr. Spearmon. 

Vaughnetta J. Barton, MSW

Vaughnetta is managing the University of Washington School of Social Work’s community-led initiative, Communities in Action. She has more than 30 years of experience in the non-profit sector specializing in program development, community engagement, and philanthropy. As a  long-time practicum instructor, Vaughnetta provides educational opportunities for graduate students focused on social work administration, capacity-building, and leadership. Vaughnetta currently serves on The Seattle Public Library’s board of trustees and the UW School of Social Work’s Field Education Advisory Committee.


Becca Lipps, MSW - Class of 2020

Sara Schonauer, MSW - Class of 2020

Kristin J. McCowan, PhD Candidate


Thank You

Thank you to the many practicum students who have contributed to Communities in Action:

Eric Opoku Agyemang, UW MSW Class of 2018

Kelly Anguiano, UW BASW Class of 2018

Dee Benson, UW MSW Class of 2019

Stephan Blount, UW MSW Class of 2018

Maggie Breuner, Pitzer College

Benjamin Chan, University of Miami

Brie Chang, UW MSW Class of 2015

Fiona Cushing, UW MSW Class of 2018

Jace Fleenor, UW MSW Class of 2017

Joy Hammond, UW MSW Class of 2016

Glen Kelton, UW BASW Class of 2016

Kyli Larson, UW MSW Class of 2019

Kelley Pascoe, UW MSW Class of 2018

Carolina Perez, UW MSW Class of 2016

Raymonda C. Reese, UW MSW Class of 2016

Kelsey Rote, UW MSW Class of 2015

Emiko Smukler, Colorado College

Jen St. Cyr, UW MSW Class of 2015

Lea Weber, UW MSW Class of 2017

Ryan Wathne, UW MSW Class of 2015


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Vaughnetta J. Barton, MSW